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Fusion Fuel's mission is to provide the world with innovative green hydrogen solutions that accelerate the transformation of the global energy sector and enable the sustainable reduction of carbon emissions.

Fusion Fuel has developed a revolutionary new electrolyzer design – the HEVO – that will allow it to produce hydrogen using renewable energy at highly competitive costs without any associated carbon emissions. Fusion Fuel's team has a long history in the solar energy industry and in developing concentrated photovoltaic technology.

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Fusion Fuel has its own electrolyzer manufacturing facility in Portugal, where the HEVO is produced and then distributed to own and third party hydrogen plants. The HEVO has a unique design and fully modular configuration, learn more about it in our Technology section.
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Fusion Fuel sells its HEVO technology to customers interested in producing their own green hydrogen. It also develops company-owned green hydrogen farms, selling the through pre-determined, long-term purchase agreements.