GreenGas Project
in Évora
FUSION-FUEL is developing a Green Hydrogen Utility Scale Demonstrator, the GreenGas project, in the Evora region of Portugal. The project is expected to go-live in the first half of 2021, and will be Portugal’s first large scale solar to hydrogen plant.
Evora is ideally located for FUSION-FUEL'S technology, it has high levels of solar irradiation, a closed circuit natural gas network, available land and good access roads and connections. The combination of these factors makes Evora a great location for FUSION-FUEL'S first utility scale demonstrator.
Solar to Hydrogen
Power Plant

GreenGas is a solar to hydrogen power plant using CPV solar panels in combination with HEVO electrolyzers. It consists of two phases and will produce nearly 70 tons of Green Hydrogen per year, represents an avoidance of over 600 tons of CO2 emissions annually versus conventional hydrogen production.

A portion of the hydrogen output will be used to mix into the natural gas network in Évora. The remaining hydrogen will be either stored and converted into electrical energy via fuel cells and fed into the electric grid, or it will be bottled and sold for industrial applications.

This is a strategic project for both FUSION-FUEL and Portugal overall in light of Portugal’s National Hydrogen Strategy, as it will be the first large scale solar to green hydrogen project in Portugal and the first pilot for industrial scale blending of hydrogen into the local natural gas network.
GreenGas I
Consists of an 15 HEVO-SOLAR generators with the latest generation of FUSION-FUEL'S HEVO electrolyzer, which will also allow for green hydrogen production using renewable energy from outside sources in times of low or no solar irradiation.This phase will also include the installation of hydrogen storage and a fuel cell system to generate electricity to be fed into the national grid.
Phase I will affirm the 26.8% solar to hydrogen efficiency rate of FUSION-FUEL’S proprietary electrolyzer—the HEVO—on an industrial scale.
Solar to hydrogen
efficiency rate
GreenGas II
Consists of 40 HEVO-SOLAR generators which will produce around 35 tons of Green Hydrogen per year directly from solar radiation. The Green Hydrogen produced will be mixed into the local natural gas network.

It will be Portugal’s first large scale project to produce Green Hydrogen from solar energy and to blend Green Hydrogen at scale into a local natural gas distribution network.